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Who could be interested?

Normally NGOs, newspapers or digital media willing to know about material, tactics and similar things related to conflict, terrorism, intelligence… Also private persons interested in some kind of weapons even for historical collecting or media groups interested to give a value-added to an investigation or a notice.

Again our services are cheap, even private persons can easily afford them.

What we do?

We are able to provide a highly proficient level of OSINT both data and  analysis and   over a wide range of matters: Battles, heavy material, light weaponry, ammunitions, determined types of engagements (like ATGM against tanks or MANPADs against aircrafts etc) tactics, doctrine and others.

How we do it?

While Open Source Intelligence is our specialty we are also able to provide a certain degree of Close Intelligence by using HUMINT, deep web and other tools but in these cases we need to firstly confirm for the costumer that we are able to provide them.

Middle East, Morocco, Turkey, Taiwan and Spain are between our stronger points about CLOSINT.

Also we offer a wide arange of languages at very competitive prices including Spanish, English and Arabic.

Why are we the best option?

While this may not provide you an intelligence as accurate as others it is also much cheaper than others, and the cost-effective ratio is very high and even ideally suited for a deep but still understandable analysis for a wide spectrum of public.

We let you here some articles that we made in the past to show you the degree of expertness.


About heavy weaponry 

About rare unknown weaponry

From a tactical point of view

Historical battles (Abu Duhur, Syrian Civil War, in Spanish)

Who we are?

Yago Rodríguez (Mister X) is the main worker but a wide net of contacts is able to provide much more information.

The main experience of Yago Rodríguez in the field is the next:

He did an OSINT investigation where he discovered the presence of Spanish armament in Yemen what was latter shown in the ARES company  Researching report a notice that was also published in the main media of Spain, like in “El País” the most readed newspaper in Spain.

Also Yago is a normal collaborator of “Ejércitos” the main digital magazine in Spanish and he has also worked sporadically with the historic military magazine in Spanish “Para Bellum”.

Also his book about Defense relations between Spain and the Arabian Peninsula was well valued by some experts like the analyst of defense and security Jesús Manuel Pérez Triana.